Our commercial tile division specialists make it their priority to remain informed of the myriad of new products available in the ever-evolving tile market. Forging strong relationships with our local tile distributors places us in the ideal position to serve as an educator to our clients on the most effective and aesthetically pleasing means to install any tile product that you desire.

Our project managers make it their number one priority to submit bids on the tightest of timetables and complete projects on, or ahead, of schedule. Allow us to assist you in your next commercial tile installation and, witness firsthand the knowledge and attention to detail that our master craftsmen bring to each project.

Upgrading the countertops in your home or commercial space to granite, marble, or quartz is one of the easiest ways to modernize your environment and increase its potential resell value. Whether you are renovating your house, or looking for a fabrication and installation team to complete your commercial project, we offer unsurpassed quality workmanship on the material of your choice. Our full-time staff also includes Designers and Color Consultants to address each client’s individual needs and create custom designs.

Tennessee Tile & Marble Co., Inc. utilizes their vast knowledge of epoxy matrix terrazzo to create pre-cast terrazzo items which beautifully complete any project. Any pre-cast product can easily be color matched to the terrazzo standard or custom color of your choice.

Should you need a specific item customized to your exact specifications, contact us to develop a completely unique pre-cast terrazzo design.

Terrazzo’s unsurpassed durability and strength make it the perfect flooring solution for high traffic areas. Terrazzo offers a low lifecycle cost when compared to lesser commercial flooring products and often outlives the lifetime of the building. Airports, industrial buildings, convention centers, food service facilities, schools, and healthcare facilities have long embraced this beautiful and versatile floor. In recent years, we have seen its popularity spread to other commercial applications, as well as residential use.

Terrazzo flooring is low maintenance, and will not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus. Terrazzo can typically be expected to endure for the life of the structure. In historical renovation projects, we are capable of restoring an aged terrazzo floor that has survived decades of deterioration and bring it back to its original luster.